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Side trips along the White Pass Scenic Byway
The byway of course is a tremendous tour in itself.  But not far off the byway lie some of the state's most beloved volcanoes, wild backcountry, historic locales, lakes, waterfalls...for starters.  Choose from eight side trips that can be completed in a day - or plan to stay overnight for a more leisurely experience.  Find detailed descriptions of the points of interest along these routes and download your itinerary to take with you!

Mt. St. Helens’ Johnston Ridge Loop
USDA Forest Service,
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Mt. St. Helens’ Johnston Ridge Loop - Forever changing over 200 square miles of rich forestland into a gray, lifeless landscape, the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens has had an impact so powerful, you have to see it to believe it. Over two decades later, witness the mountain’s slow but steady recovery. Journey through this healing landscape and behold nature’s awesome power.
West Side Loop
Historic Mineral Lake Lodge
West Side Loop - Offering many of the Byway’s most spectacular attributes, tour the Nisqually area, explore Mt. Rainier National Park and discover the Big Bottom Valley. Drive amongst old-growth forests, walk through meadows of wildflowers and witness the area’s animal inhabitants. Tour friendly mountain communities and discover the interesting area history. A wonderful opportunity to get to know the west end of the White Pass Scenic Byway.
Mt. Rainier Loop
Tacoma Regional Convention & Visitor Bureau
Mt. Rainier Loop - Experience the grandeur of Mount Rainier, old-growth temperate rainforest, waterfalls, and impressive vistas. An excellent introduction to Mount Rainier National Park.
Mt. St. Helen's Windy Ridge Loop
USDA Forest Service,
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Mt. St. Helen's Windy Ridge Loop - Immerse yourself in the heart of the Mt. St. Helens Blast Zone and experience the stark contrast between the lush old-growth forest and the blown-down forest.
Cispus Loop Itinerary
Tom Kogut
Cispus Area Loop - Those seeking a short side trip into the forest will marvel at the natural beauty of the Cispus River Area. Watch the waters of the Cispus as they flow gracefully through the forest. Options to extend this forest tour include wildlife watching, hiking, fishing, a simple quiet walk in the woods – and more!
High Lakes Loop
Gifford Pinchot National Forest
High Lakes Loop - Discover the numerous majestic alpine lakes that create this unique and beautiful landscape. Towering Mt. Adams and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest provide the backdrop for this scenic drive offering opportunities for fabulous hiking and great fishing along the way.
Rimrock Lake Recreation Loop - Get off the beaten path and explore the backcountry of the Wenatchee National Forest. Wind your way over 5,000 foot Bethel Ridge through cool forests, beautiful meadows and fields of fantastic alpine wildflowers. See outstanding views of the valley, ridges and peaks of the mighty Cascade Mountains. Discover the narrow, rock-walled canyon of Rattlesnake Creek where anglers fish for rainbow and cutthroat trout. And be on the lookout for mountain goats!
East Side Loop Road Trip
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East Side Loop - Explore the east end of the White Pass Scenic Byway and discover the dramatic and rugged beauty of this wilderness area. Spend time touring spectacular Mt. Rainier National Park. Witness unique geologic formations and awe-inspiring views on the Chinook Scenic Byway. Along the White Pass Scenic Byway, see alpine lakes, watch elk herds in the hundreds and view historic dams. Experience the splendid sights of two byways on this east side excursion.

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Download the Byway Map
Download the Byway Map

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