Outstanding scenic vistas, recreational opportunities and rural community life are scattered throughout the White Pass Scenic Byway. The following “mile by mile” list of the major points of interest highlight the journey as it begins at exit 68 on the I-5 Corridor halfway between Seattle and Portland in Washington State. As you travel from west to east, you will access premier wilderness areas of the state, as well as charming and unique communities providing cultural, recreational and historical experiences.

Get an insider look at a journey along the White Pass Scenic Byway.   Explore the Byway:

Mossyrock to Dog Lake:  State Parks, Dams & Scenic Ponds

Morton to Packwood :  Mountain Communities, Museums & Fishing Lakes 

Packwood to White Pass:  Campgrounds, National Forests & Scenic Views

White Pass to Naches - Hiking trails, Campgrounds & Rock Climbing

Lewis and Clark State ParkLewis and Clark State Park - With facilities built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, Lewis and Clark State Park preserves a large tract of lowland old growth forest. Eight miles of hiking trails in the park include an interpretive loop through the heart of old growth forests. The park offers horse trails and a popular campground as well. The park also manages the nearby John R. Jackson Courthouse. Built in 1845, it is the first pioneer house west of the Cascades and north of the Columbia River. Tours are available by appointment. Milepost 69.

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Cowlitz Trout HatcheryCowlitz Trout Hatchery - Something fishy is going on here... The Cowlitz Trout Hatchery produces and releases over 1.5 million fish each year. This hatchery is the main contributor of steelhead trout to the Cowlitz River ranked as the state's top steelhead river. Mossyrock Fish Hatchery at 249 Fish Hatchery Road on Mayfield Lake is another trout raising facility. Milepost 73

Salkum Timberland LibrarySalkum Timberland Library & Visitor Information - In operation at this location since 1993, the Salkum Library serves as one of two "mini-libraries" in Lewis County serving rural areas. In addition to library resources, it also provides visitors with information about the area. Free wireless Internet access is also available during regular open hours. A friendly wayside picnic area is provided for travelers in the area. Milepost 75.5

Cowlitz Salmon HatcheryCowlitz Salmon Hatchery - Tacoma Power’s Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery Visitor Center provides one-of-a-kind opportunities for people of all ages to engage in hands-on, engaging ways to understand the life cycle of salmon. Visitors explore the connection between salmon and 5 “Hs” – hatcheries, habitat, high seas, harvest and hydropower. Learn how Tacoma Power sustains natural and hatchery salmon populations in the Cowlitz River while providing fish for harvest – as it generates clean, renewable electricity at the Cowlitz Hydroelectric Project. Milepost 78

Ike Kinswa State ParkIke Kinswa State Park - Endless family fun is available at Ike Kinswa State Park, situated along the shores of Mayfield Lake. Enjoy camping in private, forested sites, explore the many hiking trails, and discover the boating, fishing and swimming opportunities at this popular place for outdoor recreation. Milepost 80.3

Mayfield Lake and DamMayfield Lake and Dam - Formed by Tacoma Power's Mayfield Dam on the Cowlitz River, 13 mile-long Mayfield Lake is the setting for camping, fishing and a multitude of recreational opportunities, with multiple parks lining its shores. Milepost 80.8

Mayfield Lake ParkMayfield Lake Park - People seeking that classic trip to the lake will fall in love with Mayfield Lake Park. Featuring a day-use area, boat launches, campgrounds, playground, picnic and swimming areas and more -- this is the place to be for fun at the lake. Milepost 83.6

DeGoede's Bulb FarmDeGoede's Bulb Farm - Tiptoe through the tulips… Every spring the DeGoede tulip fields erupt with color -- a major attraction for visitors traveling along the byway. DeGoede’s also offers a fantastic, manicured, year-round display garden along with classes and other visitor activities. Stunning displays of brilliant red poinsettias make this a must-see at holiday time. Milepost 85.3

Mossyrock ParkMossyrock Park - There is no shortage of activities for those seeking outdoor fun at Mossyrock Park. Pack a picnic and experience the fantastic and calming lake views. Or take a dip in the swimming area, launch the boat, or let the kids run off energy at the playground. Overnight RV camping makes this a popular destination. Milepost 87

Swofford PondSwofford Pond - Seek out the osprey nests and watch bald eagles fly. Look for common loons and western grebes. In early spring watch for the mating dance, when birds walk on water. Swofford Pond is a quiet birder's paradise. River otters, muskrat, and beavers also make their homes here. Deer and elk frequent the fields surrounding the pond. Popular with anglers, Swofford Pond has both bank fishing and is accessible to small boats with electric motors only. Milepost 87

Cowlitz RiverCowlitz River - The Cowlitz River attracts anglers from all over the west coast. Including salmon, steelhead, and cutthroat trout fisheries, the Cowlitz has year-round fishing opportunities. Visitors enjoy the spectacular fishing as well as the beautiful setting of the river, with abundant wildlife, healthy forests, and majestic peaks rising above the river. Don't miss fishing near Barrier Dam -- a favorite fishing hole among locals. Milepost 87.9

Riffe Lake and Mossyrock DamRiffe Lake and Mossyrock Dam - Formed by the Tacoma Power's Mossyrock Dam, the tallest dam in Washington State, Riffe Lake winds for over 20 miles through forested hillsides. With Mossyrock Park on the west end of the lake, and Taidnapam Park on the east end, the lake is well-equipped with recreational facilities for fun on the water. On the highway at the west end of Riffe Lake, the North Shore Fishing Access offers a close-up view of the dam. Nearby, the Riffe Lake Overlook provides beautiful views of Riffe Lake. Milepost 90

Hopkins Hill ViewpointHopkins Hill Viewpoint - A short drive to an elevated viewpoint provides a view straight into Mount St. Helens’ blast crater. Popular with travelers, this viewpoint is one of the best places to keep in touch with current volcanic activity and see Mount St. Helens from a distance. Milepost 94

Morton Train DepotMorton Depot - Stop in for information about Morton and the surrounding mountain area or ask for a tour of the historic Morton Depot. Friendly staff will answer your questions and provide you with current conditions in nearby Mt. Rainier National Park and Mt. St. Helens National Monument . Local history and favorite points of interest are their specialty. Milepost 97.5

Roxy TheaterRoxy Theater - Find the charming Roxy Theater in Morton, a small town nestled in the beautiful Cascade Mountain Foothills. This newly renovated 1930's theatre continues to captivate audiences through song, dance and dialogue. A wide array of professional productions feature action, romance, laughter -- and are sure to please. Milepost 97.5

Mt. Rainier National Park Access via Highway 7Mt. Rainier National Park Access via Highway 7 - Travel 30 miles through scenic forestlands to the Nisqually Entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park leading to historic Longmire and Paradise. Milepost 97.5

Taidnapam ParkTaidnapam Park - Take a day to play - Taidnapam Park offers all the things that make camping fun. A beautiful natural setting, the lake itself, and a few comforts of home. Or just relax for the afternoon watching for bald eagles and osprey overhead. Be on the lookout for native plants such as Oregon grape, salal, red flowering current and sword fern. Milepost 103

Glenoma AreaGlenoma Area - From Glenoma, access the popular recreation areas of Glenoma Park, Champion Haul Road, Kosmos Flats, Dog Mountain, Taidnapam Park and 108 Bridge. Milepost 104.8

Lake ScanewaLake Scanewa and Cowlitz Falls Dam - A favorite place for anglers and families, Lake Scanewa, created by Lewis County PUD’s Cowlitz Falls Dam, is well stocked with rainbow trout. With two parks along its shores -- one campground and one day-use park -- plenty of recreational opportunities exist. Milepost 111

Mt. Adams ViewpointMt. Adams Viewpoint - Turning the corner into Randle, stately Mount Adams makes its appearance, rising high above the nearer foothills. This is the most impressive view of Mount Adams along the byway, the easternmost of the region’s three volcanoes. Access Mt. Adams Wilderness Area in Randle. Milepost 114

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Woods Creek Watchable WildlifeWoods Creek Watchable Wildlife Area - For a great opportunity to learn about the area's wildlife and their habitats, explore the Woods Creek Trail. Meandering through five different habitats, it is an excellent hike for children, and presents many opportunities for bird watching and plant identification. Bring along a plant identification book and study all the different varieties of vegetation along the path. Milepost 115

Download the map of the Woods Creek Wildlife Area

Gifford Pinchot National ForestGifford Pinchot National Forest - Encompassing over 1.3 million acres, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest was one of the first of its kind. Hiking, camping, wildlife watching, mountain biking, and more, attract thousands of visitors each year to the byway. From easy family hikes to challenging backcountry bike riding, there are dozens of access options along the byway. Milepost 115

Mt. St. Helens and Windy Ridge AccessMt. St. Helens and Windy Ridge Access - Visitors to Windy Ridge find themselves right in the middle of St. Helen's historic blast zone. Enjoy fascinating views of pumice plains, Spirit Lake, and the volcano itself rising only four miles away. Milepost 115

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Cowlitz Valley Elk HabitatCowlitz Valley Elk Habitat - The “Big Bottom Valley” is at its best here—a wide river plain with the Cowlitz River winding through rich farmland and riparian areas. Fields in this area are often filled with elk, quietly grazing in the bottomland fields. Be watchful of any elk on the road, especially in the dawn and dusk hours. Milepost 115-138

Cowlitz Valley Ranger StationCowlitz Valley Ranger Station - To learn more about the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, stop in at the ranger station and chat with a local forest ranger about the area. Also available are book sales, a gift shop, forest permits, updates on road and trail conditions, as well as campground information. Milepost 116.1

Bevin Lake Safety AreaBevin Lake Rest Area - Stop and take a break! Bevin Lake Rest Area offers picnic sites as well as restroom facilities. Milepost 126

Goat Rocks WildernessGoat Rocks Wilderness - Named after the goats that inhabit the area, the rocky terrain of the Goat Rocks Wilderness is actually part of an ancient volcano, eroded over time. Today this area offers hiking, wildlife watching, camping, and rock climbing for the outdoor enthusiast. Access this area on Johnson Creek Road (FS 21). Milepost 128.3

White Pass County Historical SocietyWhite Pass Country Historical Museum - Capturing and preserving the history of the Upper Cowlitz Valley from Kosmos to White Pass, the White Pass Country Historical Society offers educational programs, interpretive discussions as well as exhibits and displays featuring the fascinating area history. Find the museum in the former Packwood Elementary School. Winter Hours: Saturdays Noon - 4 p.m., or by appointment Summer Hours: Saturdays Noon – 5 p.m.; Sundays 1-3 p.m. Milepost 131

Packwood LibraryPackwood Library - The Packwood Library is a log building which once housed a post office, museum, rock shop and was designed for overnight accommodations on the second floor. The building was remodeled in 1981 for library use.  Today the library offers an array of programs and activities for children and adults, and offers free wifi and resources for tourists. Milepost 131

Destination PackwoodDestination Packwood - Stop in for friendly hospitality and information on the Packwood area and beyond. Find brochures, maps and fliers detailing local and regional recreational activities and events. Find information about the neighboring Gifford Pinchot National Forest provided by the local Cowlitz Valley Ranger Station. Milepost 131.1

Skate Creek Road (FS 52)Skate Creek Road (FS 52) - Meandering along picturesque Skate Creek to the mountain community of Ashford, this scenic drive winds through forests blanketed in rich green mosses and a multitude of waterfalls, both big and small. This paved, but primitive road continues to be a well-kept secret offering beauty and serenity for those ready to explore. Milepost 131.4

La Wis Wis CampgroundLa Wis Wis Campground - A great place to get back to nature. This well-developed campground offers wooded campsites, day-use facilities, short nature hikes, and more. Situated at the confluence of the Ohanapecosh and the Clear Fork of the Cowlitz River, La Wis Wis lends itself to fishing or just letting the water go by. And don't miss the giants -- giant trees that is! This area is nicely situated in a beautiful forest setting. It is closed during the winter. Milepost 138

Mt. Rainier National Park Stevens Canyon EntranceMt. Rainier National Park Stevens Canyon Entrance - The Stevens Canyon Entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park offers access to the popular Ohanapecosh Campground and Visitor Center. On your way to the mountain, wander among the towering giants and witness trees thousands of years old at the Grove of the Patriarchs. Explore Box Canyon from this popular road into the park. Milepost 138.5

Forest RoadForest Road 4500 - A popular center for recreational activities, explore the attractions along Forest Road 4500. In the summer months, Soda Springs Campground is a popular starting place for horseback riding in the wilderness. Cowlitz Horse Trail, Cortright Creek Trail and Kincaid Trail also depart from this road. Milepost 140

Palisades ViewpointPalisades Viewpoint - This newly-renovated safety rest area and viewpoint offers views of dramatic volcanic palisades rock formations, forming the backdrop of a steep valley. A unique sight to behold -- and one that should not be missed. Milepost 141

Mt. Rainier ViewpointMt. Rainier Viewpoint - What a view! This stop offers magnificent views of Mt. Rainier and the Goat Rocks. Named after the goats inhabiting the area, the Goat Rocks are part of an ancient volcano which once stood over 12,000 feet high. After thousands of years of erosion, today the range's highest point is slightly over 8,000 feet. Milepost 147.5

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White Pass Ski AreaWhite Pass Ski Area - A major winter ski destination, White Pass also offers some hiking in the summer, and a pleasant stop along the roadway in a high mountain environment. The driest powder in the Washington Cascades, White Pass has a 6,000 foot summit and a 1,500 foot vertical drop. It averages over 300 inches of snow each year. Milepost 151

Pacific Crest TrailPacific Crest Trail - Stretching from Canada to Mexico, this trail runs along Washington's Cascade Mountains cutting through multiple mountain passes, as well as running through Mt. Rainier National Park, the North Cascades National Park and also passing many alpine lakes along its way. Enjoy an afternoon exploring part of this spectacular trail system, or gear up for days on the trail experiencing some of the county's most dramatic scenery. Milepost 151.5

Leech LakeLeech Lake - Covering 41 acres, Leech Lake is a high-elevation, fly-fishing-only lake that is quite popular with anglers fishing brook trout during the summer months. A boat launch is located on its shores. Use of motors is prohibited. Milepost 151.5

Dog LakeDog Lake - Sitting at 3,400 feet elevation, Dog Lake offers an abundance of outdoor recreation. From camping and wilderness hiking to boating and fishing for native rainbow trout, this area is ready for the outdoor enthusiast. Milepost 153.2

Clear Lake and FallsClear Lake and Falls - Located right next to Rimrock Lake, smaller Clear Lake is another popular fishing destination and is also a good watchable wildlife location. Like Rimrock, Clear Lake is a good place to view bald eagles, osprey, and elk. Milepost 158.6

Rimrock Lake and DamRimrock Dam and Lake - The highest elevation large-lake along the byway, Rimrock Lake offers recreation, camping, and fantastic views of the surrounding foothills. Anglers enjoy time spent fishing for rainbow trout and kokanee. Milepost 160.2

Tieton Dam Heritage MarkerTieton Dam Heritage Marker - A popular roadside view, see Tieton Dam, built in 1901 forming Rimrock Lake, a popular place for water play. Milepost 164.6

Tieton River Rock ClimbingTieton River Rock Climbing - Besides its scenic value, the dramatic volcanic geology of the Tieton River is one of Washington State’s better rock climbing destinations. Climbers come from throughout Oregon and Washington to test themselves on over 300 different routes. Milepost 183.5

Oak Creek Feeding StationOak Creek Wildlife Area - Elk Feeding Station - One of the best locations for watching elk in the entire United States, Oak Creek is truly a sight to behold. In winter, elk congregate at the Oak Creek feeding station in herds by the hundreds. Visitors see the elk up close as they jostle for position at the hay drop stations. Other wildlife viewing includes bighorn sheep, woodpeckers, raptors, and a variety of songbirds. Milepost 183.5

Oak Creek Big Horn Sheep Feeding StationOak Creek Big Horn Sheep Feeding Station - Although Bighorn Sheep are not as numerous as the Rocky Mountain Elk fed at the main location for the Oak Creek Wildlife Area, they can be seen throughout the year from a small feeding station set at the base of a dramatic cliff on Mount Clemans. From Highway 12, drive north on Old Naches Highway less than a mile, and you’ll see a large parking area on your left (unpaved) where you can park and view the sheep in the feeding area or on the mountainside. Milepost 186

Naches Fruit StandNaches Fruit Stands - Apples, peaches, cherries, green beans, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, garlic, potatoes, zucchini, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, cantaloupes, apricots, nectarines, pears - for starters. A trip along the byway is not complete without a stop at one of Naches' plentiful produce stands to sample the flavor of the Yakima Valley. Milepost 189-193

Click here for a Yakima Valley Fruit & Vegetable Harvest Calendar.

Naches Fruit Orchards - apples peaches pears cherriesNaches Orchards - The fertile lands of the Yakima Valley have made our state famous for its world class fruits and veggies. Naches orchards grow a wide array of produce from apples and cherries to pears and grapes, and much, much more. Milepost 189-193

Enjoy the diverse landscape transitions from agricultural land, to the lakes region and into the high alpine country of the Cascade Mountains before leveling off into the graceful steppe, arid climate of Eastern Washington. Enjoy a taste of the variety along the White Pass Scenic Byway.

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