This page offers information to the stakeholders of the White Pass Scenic Byway.

Goals & Benefits

  • Improve the byway visitor experience
  • Improve the tourism economy of the byway and its communities
  • Protect byway resources
  • Develop sustainable byway facilities and organization

Specials & Deals Listings

We would like to encourage byway businesses to market themselves with a package or special offer on our Specials and Deals page. A special can include a price reduction, a giveaway, or a package with added value (ski lift tickets, meals, etc). Remember -- you don't have to lower your price to put together a package! Added value is a great incentive to attract business. A Specials & Deals listing on the website will include the terms of your current special as they are supplied to us. If you have a photo you would like us to include with your special, please feel free to send this to us.

We review this page each month and notify those whose special has expired and has been removed from the page. We will keep these deals current and fresh! Along with notification of your special's expiration, we will also ask for any new special you would like to post.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you have a special ready to post, contact us today! View the Specials and Deals page here. We are excited to use this page to promote the many businesses along the White Pass Scenic Byway to visitors to the area.

Enhanced Lodging Listing

During our open enrollment period each year, September through December, we offer lodging businesses the opportunity to purchase an enhanced lodging listing on our website. An enhanced listing provides a more prominent placement on our lodging page. For an annual fee of $200, your listing will be placed in the Enhanced Listing section of our lodging web page. Your lodging property will also be added to the Google map on the lodging page. It will include a 50-100 word description of your property, a photo, a listing of amenities, and your number of units.

The results of our enhanced listing program are remarkable. In 2010, the average enhanced lodging listing received 1,768 clickthroughs from the White Pass Scenic Byway website. Basic listings had an average of 299 clickthroughs during the same time period. We urge you to consider an enhanced listing and take advantage of these missed clicks!

Keep in mind we host the lodging listings for the White Pass Ski Area. This means visitors to are taken directly to the White Pass Byway lodging page when they click on Lodging on This is a great opportunity to showcase your business to overnight skiers during the ski season and beyond!

Please contact us if you are interested in an enhanced listing. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Need a supply of Byway Tearsheet Maps?

We are happy to supply our popular tearsheet maps to businesses and organizations along the byway. If you are in need of additional copies, contact us and we will make arrangements to have them delivered to you.  We have both drive tour tearsheet maps and hiking tearsheet maps available.

How to Link to Us

f you'd like to put a link to the White Pass Scenic Byway website on your website, please do! We're pleased that you're interested in linking to our site as it will expose the Byway information to an even wider audience. Feel free to link to a particular page directly or to the home page of the website. More information.

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